The world of translation and localization of interactive works appears today as wide, diversified, rich in opportunities and very appealing for industry professionals. It is about a process that includes different areas and requires specific abilities to use proper methods and software.
Moreover, the interactive work is a cross-media product by nature: from successful video games can be created novels, comic books, movies, or TV series, all requiring a localization process with specific rules, restrictions, needs and peculiarities.
Attention must be paid also to the marketing area: the translation of video games also includes a wide variety of trailers, interviews, making of, documentaries, press releases, news, premieres, etc.
GLOS Training Course
Games Localization School aims to train professionals in the video game industry who will be able to work in different cross-media areas. Students will acquire specific translation skills, learning about methodologies and how to use the most popular software in localization, adaptation and dubbing of video games. 

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