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The specialization course offered by GLOS is organized in 120 hours, distributed in 3 different modules, and focused on three different translation fields. This will allow students to explore specific aspects of the video games localization industry through classes, case studies and specialized workshops.

The first module aims to study text localization in the interactive work exploring all its features, from history to the specific needs of this kind of translation and specialized methodologies and software, both for in-game texts and dialogues between characters.

The second module is focused on exploring the translation of texts related to video games, from marketing to the localization of cross-media products such as novels, short stories, and comic books.

The third module is based on adaptation and dubbing direction in the video games industry. Students will be able to study and observe all the features of script adaptation and the peculiarities of dubbing a video game.

Throughout theoretical classes and practical activities distributed in the three modules, students will deeply study all aspects of video games localization, laying the foundations to get into the labor market.

Why Should You Choose Video Games Localization?

The video games industry is constantly growing, with a turnover of above 150 billion dollars in 2020 and an average annual growth of 19.6% (source: Newzoo), the global games market is a landmark offering numerous work opportunities.

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The specialization course by GLOS - Games Localization School aims to train expert translators in all the fields of interactive localization.

Our classes are entirely online, alternating theoretical and concrete sessions based on case studies and practical activities. Students will get the chance to discuss and correct exercises together, with opportunities to exchange ideas and conduct in-depth analysis.

With over 20 years in the translation and interactive field, our school relies on a faculty made of real international and national experts, professionals in the video game localization field and education. Students will be able to engage with leading industry experts from the beginning,, laying the foundations to get concretely into the labor market.

Our educational workshops and specialized classes led by the great masters of the industry will allow students to dive into the diversified world of video game localization. A practical and job-ready approach is the key to promptly put into practice the theoretical studies taught in class.



GLOS – Games Localization School was created by the partnership between Fondazione Unicampus San Pellegrino and Fondazione Vigamus.

    Fondazione Unicampus San Pellegrino works internationally in the field of translation research and international communication and it deals with high-quality language training. The Foundation constitutes the headquarters of the Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS) and the Nida School of Bible Translation (NSBT), Summer Schools reserved for translators and translation theorists.
    Since 2012 it has been publishing the half-yearly scientific journal Translation. Together with the New York University Center for Applied Liberal Arts and the Nida Institute, it promotes the Translation Theory Conference, which is held every Autumn in New York. The high-quality language training is represented by the High Schools for Linguistic Mediators in Misano Adriatico, Vicenza, Belluno and Ceglie Messapica. Furthermore, every year the Department organizes the Days of Literary Translation, handled by Stefano Arduini and Ilide Carmignani.

    VIGAMUS Foundation is an organization recognized by the prefecture of Rome and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism. Since its foundation in 2013, it operates internationally focusing on the preservation, research and diffusion of the physical and digital goods connected to digital expression. Its main aim is the promotion of video games cultural heritage in the Italian scene, since video games are part of the historic and artistic structure of the “Belpaese”, whose primacy in the world is indisputable. VIGAMUS Foundation operates in the divulgation and cultural field through VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome, it trains students through courses organized by VIGAMUS Academy – Accademia dell’Immaginario. The organization also manages the B2B annual event Gamerome - Rome Developers Conference, it deals with the specialized press through VMAG - Vigamus Magazine and for some years now it’s in charge of the essay collection “Conscious Gaming. Manuali di Cultura del Videogioco”, manuals about culture in video games.


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