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Discover GLOS: The Game, live an RPG adventure to explore the first international Video Game Localization School!


GLOS:The Game II – Adventures Through Time is finally here!
Discover GLOS: The Game, live an RPG adventure to explore the first international Video Game Localization School!

Founded by VIGAMUS group, with over 20 years of experience in the Games Industry providing editorial and educational services, GLOS – Games Localization School is an training and academic center specialized in video game localization solutions and courses.


GLOS relies on a faculty made of leading industry experts at international level, professionals in the Game Localization Industry specialized in the different branches of the field and providing students the chance to get concretely into the labor market.

The video games industry is constantly growing, with a turnover of above 150 billion dollars in 2020 and 92 billion dollars in 2022 (source: Newzoo), the global games market is a landmark offering numerous work opportunities.

The specialization courses by GLOS - Games Localization School aim to train expert translators, LQA specialists, reviewers and editors for the Games Industry, focusing on three main areas:


Our classes are entirely online, alternating theoretical and concrete sessions based on case studies and practical activities. Students will get the chance to discuss and correct exercises together, with opportunities to exchange ideas and conduct in-depth analysis.

Besides of being 100% remote courses, classes are recorded and available whenever you need to rewatch them. The dynamic approach of GLOS also consists in a 2 days per week formula, to allow people to join our educational offer according to their work and students needs. Plus, with multiple editions per year, our classes never stop.

Our educational workshops and specialized classes led by the great masters of the industry will allow students to dive into the diversified world of video game localization. A practical and job-ready approach is the key to promptly put into practice the theoretical studies taught in class also through a project work that guarantees students the chance to be part of the actual process of game localization.


The Game Localization Market is now constantly looking for experts in multiple specialization fields, to ensure an high-quality localization and cultural localization in the main international markets.

GLOS today provides video game localization courses in the main linguistic combinations to train industry professionals:

English to Spanish

English to French

English to German

English to Portuguese

Learn more about our professional courses in the dedicated section!

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GLOS – International Games Localization School is part of the Education Department of the Vigamus Group, establishing the world’s first 100% online international school for Games Localization.

With over 20 years in the gaming industry, Vigamus Group encompasses various activities aimed at the cultural preservation and communicative dissemination of the interactive medium, including VIGAMUS – The Videogame Museum of Rome (founded in 2012), Vigamus Academy – Education Department active since 2014, and Checkpoint – Festival of Interactive Works.


GLOS international partners are leading companies in the Games Localization field, editorial services for the Games Industry and cultural adaptation market.


Our network aims to provide students the chance to be connected with leading experts and professionals, also to start their career in the localization field with the right support, but also to be testimonials of a concrete change.


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