GLOS offers to its students:

A 20 years’ experience by Fondazione Unicampus San Pellegrino and Fondazione VIGAMUS

A training simulating the actual working dynamics handled daily by video games localization experts

A learning journey based on theoretical classes and practical activities taught by the leading experts in the industry, that will support students while entering the labor market.

The localization of interactive works has been present since the dawn of video games and today constitutes a specialized profession in a global thriving market. In many ways, it has much in common with the film adaptation, especially talking about AAA productions, but it also presents hybrid features merging with other media such as literary translation. GLOS – Games Localization School aims to guide students into a specialized and extensive translation course, getting to the heart of localization, exploring in detail adaptation and dubbing direction in interactive works.

The course offered by GLOS is organized in 3 modules, respectively centered on text and script localization of the interactive work, adaptation and dubbing of video games and the translation of texts related to video games, with a specific focus on marketing, comics and literature. Courses organized by GLOS are suited for translators and translation enthusiasts looking for specializing in video game localization and all its aspects, following a professional journey that combines online classes and translation workshops, case studies and focused training. This will provide students the foundations to understand the unique features and criticalities of this specific translation typology and all the instruments to get into an innovative labor market, which is constantly growing and full of trans-media opportunities.

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The specialization course by GLOS - Games Localization School aims to train expert translators in all the fields of interactive localization.

Our classes are entirely online, alternating theoretical and concrete sessions based on case studies and practical activities. Students will get the chance to discuss and correct exercises together, with opportunities to exchange ideas and conduct in-depth analysis.

With over 20 years in the translation and interactive field, our school relies on a faculty made of real international and national experts, professionals in the video game localization field and education. Students will be able to engage with leading industry experts from the beginning, laying the foundations to get concretely into the labor market.

Our educational workshops and specialized classes led by the great masters of the industry will allow students to dive into the diversified world of video game localization. A practical and job-ready approach is the key to promptly put into practice the theoretical studies taught in class

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