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    Texts constitute a fundamental component of many interactive works, whether expressed through lines on a display or performed by someone. It becomes the object of a specialized and accurate localization process to give the chance to different people to enjoy a piece in their mother tongue, diving into it completely. The module focused on text localization in the interactive work will start with an overview on the origins of video games localization, considering its historical path and developments over time. Those developments increased throughout the years due to the need to let people around the globe enjoy more and more elaborate pieces. In this way the course will allow to analyze the actual and future trends of interactive localization, the markets, orientations, and emerging technologies in the field. Lessons will dive in particular into localization applied to video games, exploring in detail the process, the necessary methodologies, and criticalities related to video game translation. A specific focus will be on popular translation software and tools, to learn how and when to use them through tutorials and practical activities. Since concrete examples and practice are vital in this field, in this module there will be practical activities to apply theoretical classes. Text and script localization will be taught through workshops focused on specific case studies, to give students the chance to practice their translation skills.
    From marketing to the localization of cross-media products such as novels, short stories, and comic books. This module, focused on the translation of texts related to video games, aims to deeply analyze the specific translation process connected to marketing centered on interactive works, to literary texts based on video games as novels and comic books. Localization and video games marketing: starting by observing and analyzing articles, press releases, trailers, interviews, premieres, students will learn how to use the specialized language of video games through translation, research and specific methodologies applied to it. There will be plenty of practical activities about this text typology to highlight the difficulties students could find and how to face them. Cross-media localization related to video games: the translation of novels, short stories, and comic books based on video games is increasingly widespread and remarkable also due to this cross-media component. The last part of the module will provide a deep analysis of this typology of translation and all its features, the terminology being used, the attention to matching and the difficulties to be aware of, all through practical activities based on novels and comic books inspired by popular video games.
    The adaptation and dubbing in the video games industry have been created from the mark of cinema, way before the rise of interactive works. At the same time, they follow a different and original path with its own rules, restrictions, and peculiarities. In this module, the lecturer will focus the attention on the specific features of adaptation and dubbing in the interactive field. This will lead to understand what took to the creation of dubbing for video games and what are the main features and peculiarities of this specific field. The latest quality trends, growing markets and its development over time will be analyzed also through the understanding of the importance of dubbing in the video games industry. Students will discover its specific features by studying its process and the typical critical challenges inside. Therefore the module will be centered on script adaptation, with practical activities and case studies and the work carried out inside a video game dubbing studio with a focus on practical activities based on the software used in this field.

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