Loki is a game localization agency born in Spain in 2015; our first company address used to be the apartment of a friend near the Barcelona harbor. As of today, our core team is made up of 22 individuals working from a handful of countries, and our legal base is in Estonia. We offer services such as translation, transcreation, machine translation post-editing, language testing, audio coordination.

We are gamer linguists (or maybe linguist gamers). Flexibility is our mantra: it’s common for our project managers to don the linguist hat, and vice versa. Everyone can do more than one thing, anyone would take out the trash (if they were actually in the office), everyone still translates something more or less every day.

Our track record includes hundreds of titles of all shapes and sizes, from AAA like FIFA to one-dev-wonders like Batty Zabella. We love working on indies more than anything else.