Way2Global is a dynamic localization start-up that has operated for 4 years – benefiting from its parent company’s 30 years of experience – and has translated over 200 million words, embracing the benefit corporation philosophy. We offer a full range of language services, while actively pursuing both technological and social change, always striving to deliver value to all our stakeholders: employees, translators, customers and the wider community and environment. Way2Global is not only a translation agency with a financial and technological core business, but is also a B Corp-certified ‘Società Benefit’. Our ‘B Corp approach’ to achieving sustainable innovation through our translation, interpreting and localization services is reflected in our signature projects: Made in B Italy, Green Translations, Language Industry 4.0 and Way2Academy. This is why we have chosen to partner with GLOS. Way2Academy is our flagship Open Education project for the digital training and upskilling of translators aimed at empowering young people and women. In the era of digital transition, we want to help ensure that everyone has access to high-quality vocational training (SDG4). We are therefore making our courses available to anyone wishing to enhance their digital skills in the language industry and to shape their own future.