Francesca Noto has been in the translation industry for over 20 years. She manages literary projects (among the authors she translated there are: Stuart McBride, Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Neil Gaiman, James Grady, James Gunn) in collaboration with national publishers such as Mondadori, Mondadori Urania, Newton Compton Editori, Fanucci Editore, Multiplayer Edizioni, but also projects related to video games (especially with translations for specialized press and games localization). She also frequently translates novels, short stories and comic books based on interactive works. She has been a professor of Game Design at IED Rome and she currently teaches Game Design at Vigamus Academy/Link Campus University in the Laurea Magistrale course. She is a journalist, editor and author of three fantasy novels for teenagers: Il segno della tempesta (2016), I figli della tempesta (2017) e L’ultima tempesta (2019), by Astro Edizioni.Her second novel has been published in English by Luna Press Publishing in 2020 under the title Sons of Storm. Ashes to Ashes is her latest collection of short stories in English (2020).